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  1.  Creating & Exploring- New software/online tools/apps/ hacks ( utterly cannot bear that word, lets invent a new one pronto please); what I’m up to; giveaways; new skills or ventures; competitions in the pipelines; inspiration of whatever flavour, from here there & everywhere.

2.   Rabbit-Holing- Wacky/geeky/fun stuff that  
i’ve found online that has sucked me into a rabbit-hole of time-wasting (some people watch TV or go out. Rabbit-holing seems to be my chosen way of switching off after a day of work)

3.   Listening To- Podcasts podcasts and podcasts oh and some music too! I have been listening to podcasts since 2005 and it still amazes me that they  
are free. I have learned the most INSANE amount of information about our amazing and ever-s-slightly messed up world and laughed a hell of a lot listening to some of the funniest people out there, all for FREE! I also have an iTunes music membership where I’m constantly discovering new tunes. Oh and I listen to BBC radio (mostly radio 2) through our friend, Alexa, where I keep up with all the English news & music charts.
4.   Book Worm-
img -  I am totally incapable of reading one book at a time; I think I am currently reading 5, maybe 6. I’ll always have my nose in the latest recipe book that  i’ve bought from the Book Depository. Then there’s my business and marketing books, with are full of pencil markings and Post-It notes. I have to have some kind of historical book to dip into, usually a biography . When I’m not reading biographies, i’ll have a good novel on the go. And my Kindle is full of self-help books.  I’m sure I’ve missed something, somewhere… 
  Obsessing Over - Oh lordy, this is going to be an entertaining and utterly random section. Hopefully I won’t embarrass myself too much here (as you get to know me better, you’ll notice that I tend to ‘obsess’ over things). I’m thinking this is going to involve: food, products (including a lot of goodies that I see for sale on Instagram ads and then do a sneaky search for on Ali Express and buy for about 80% less!), Instagram accounts that you will hopefully love, YouTube clips, memes (i’m seeing a bit of a cross over into Rabbit-Holing here but I’m not going to obsess over it), movies and...  
 all the newest news about my business -   e.g., announcements about Personal Branding sessions happening all over the world and Early Bird offers!!! #projectflysaraheverywhere

That’s basically it..for now.

Are you with me?

Well then, sign up here &  lets have TEA!…Next round coming up in a jiffy....get your biscuits ready. 

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